Configurable Weight Indicator

880/880 Plus Performance™ Series Programmable Weight Indicator/Controller

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880/880 Plus
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  • LED display
  • USB device port connects directly to a PC
  • Ethernet TCP/IP polled or continuous polled or continuous, server/client
  • Built-in DIN-rail clips on controller box (panel mount)
  • Display and controller can be separated up to 250 ft (panel mount)
  • Hardware slot for one option card
  • Operator functions through menu key for audit trail, preset tare, accumulator, time & date and setpoints
  • Audit trail tracking for configuration and calibration changes. Password protection for user and configuration changes.
  • 20 setpoints with latched batch engine or unlatched outputs
  • Four onboard digital I/O channels
  • Programmable ticket formats up to 1,000 characters for header text, gross, net, accumulator and setpoints
  • Five-point linearization calibration
  • Local/remote operation
  • Multi-range or multi-interval weighing
  • Filter settings for light, medium and heavy noise
  • Analog output
  • Relay board
  • Fieldbus connectivity
  • Dual serial output (v4.00 and newer)
  • 24-channel digital I/O (v4.00 and newer)
  • Truck in/out program for 100 vehicle IDs
  • Adapter plate for converting 310 and 520 panel mounts
  • Panel mount kit for universal enclosure