Customer's Challenges

  • Packaging accuracy is an important process which impacts customer satisfaction and financial bottom-lines.
  • Under-packing can lead to lower customer satisfaction due to shortages of items, while over-packing adds to our customers’ production costs.
  • Inaccurate packaging is often due error-prone and time-consuming manual counting procedures, which also lacks traceability for quality control in packaging accuracy.

The Solution

  • The GoldbellWeigh™ Integrated Weighing solution streamlines production processes by enabling items count to be conducted without manual labour.
  • This aids in eliminating human errors and ensures high efficiency in accurate items count.
  • In addition, the GoldbellWeigh™ Integrated Weighing solution integrates multiple productivity tools such as barcode readers and printers to capture and consolidate all essential product information for traceability and quality audit purposes.

The Results

  • We supported our customers in reviewing production workflows and delivered the GoldbellWeigh™ Integrated Weighing Solution that greatly enhanced production efficiency and brought about large cost-savings.

Cost-savings from prevention of human errors

Automated and traceable record of all product info, including weight

Before Solution Deployment

After Deployment Of GoldbellWeigh™ Integrated Weighing Solution

Under-packing and overpacking of product items

Elimination of errors in capturing weight data, thereby saving time and manpower costs.

Time-consuming and error-prone manual items count and data recording

Enhanced efficiency with automated items count and weight recording, collation and analysis on centralized software

Customer satisfaction affected by poor packaging accuracy and consistency. Due to lack of traceability on items count before goods are sold to customers

Increased customer satisfaction with greater packaging accuracy – enabled by ease of audits and quality checks prior to delivery of products with integrated solution

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