Weighing is critical and important in many manufacturing process and business operations.

Being able to integrate the weighing operation into the company's operating system will enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The following are some of the examples which we have successfully implemented for our customers:


Special format bar code labels are printed from customised software database for product packaging.

ERP/WMS Integration

Import weighing data directly from weighing process to company's operating system such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning System).

Manufacturing Integration

Weighing data are collected from the manufacturing process, compiled and analysed with statistical report such as statistical process control (SPC) where control charts are generated.

Fully Computerized Weighbridge System

Fully automated weighbridge / truck weighing operation using RFID, vehiclE IU to input vehicles ID thus call out customer records instantly from database for fast processing and recording. Software application can be customised to customer's operational requirements to generate reports and data integration.

Batching/Bagging Filling

Using computer, PLC and HMI to automate process control to save manpower and streamline production system and process.

Case Studies

  1. Manufacturing Case Study | Packaging Accuracy & Efficiency

    Packaging accuracy is an important process which impacts customer satisfaction and financial bottom-lines. Under-packing can lead to lower customer satisfaction due to shortages of items, while over-packing adds to our customers’ production costs. Inaccurate packaging is often due error-prone and time-consuming manual counting procedures, which also lacks traceability for quality control in packaging accuracy.

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  2. F&B Case Study | Computerized Ingredient Weighing For Quality Control

    Ingredient weighing processes are time-consuming and error-prone due to lack of automated and computerized systems. This leads to poor food quality consistency and control. Poor food quality control in turn causes wasteful disposal of entire batches of products and delays in delivery of products to customers, affecting customer satisfaction levels.

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    Case Study
  3. F&B Case Study | Seamless Real-Time Weight Data Acquisition System

    The lack of computerized and automated systems makes procurement and inventory management across multiple F&B retail locations a challenging process due to time-consuming and error-prone manual processes without traceability. In addition, weight data recording is usually not integrated with the other enterprise systems, resulting in low productivity in data collection for resource planning.

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