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RON 2000 Hook Type Crane Scale with Remote Indicator

RON 2000 Hook Type Crane Scale with Remote Indicator
Brand: Eilon
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RON 2000 Hook Type is a basic, reliable and easy-to-operate Cranescale with remote display.

The small Cranescale ensures minimum headroom loss for any application.

Crane Scales with remote indicators increase the user's safety: RON 2000's indicator is separated from the load cell and held by the user. This separation ensures the user's safety since under no circumstances will he have to approach the load in order to read the result. This separation also guarantees cranescale durability.

Electronic Crane Scales, Crane Scales with remote indicators and Dynamometers are used for weighing during lifting, as well as force, load and tension measurement.

Electronic Crane Scales and Dynamometers improve safety as they help to prevent overload, as well as improving efficiency, for example when weighing incoming raw materials, in advanced stock management, controlled cable tensioning using a tension meter, etc.

All Cranescales and Dynamometers are factory-tested and supplied with a test certificate, including a fully traceable calibration chart.

Safety Factor : Designed to 5:1 for the load cell and the lifting eye. Average straightening load of the hook is at least 4 times the capacity. 

Proof Load : Each system proof-loaded to 200% of capacity (certified) up to a test force of 400t. 

Accuracy : ± 0.1% of full range. 

Display : 5 digit, ½" (12mm), liquid crystal display and annunciator; two-level overload state, max. value (peak hold), low battery, tare state (gross or net), measuring units, sleep mode, charge, and programming instructions. Standard number of measurements per second: 1. 

Functions : Zero. Tare. Low battery warning. Max. (peak hold). Two-level overload visual alarms. User calibration. Sleep mode after 60 sec. at zero value, awakes automatically when loaded. 

Units : available in the following measurement readings: metric tons,short tons (2000 lbs), kgs, lbs, newtons, deca newtons, k. newtons.

Load Cell Material : Made of high-strength, aerospace quality, alloy steel, polyurethane coated. 

Indicator Material : High quality ABS. 

Power : 3 x AA (“finger”) 1.5 Volt, Alkaline disposable batteries. Batteries rated 3AH will function for at least 2000 hours (at least three months of continuous working). Occasional use will extend the life of the batteries up to several years. All settings retained at power off. 

Cable : Supplied with 16' / 5m cable. 

Calibration : User calibration. Initial factory calibration, fully traceable (certified). 

Temperature Range : -15°F to +175°F 
(-25°C to +80°C). 

Environmental : Weatherproof, NEMA 4, IP65.

  • Additional spare cable in 15ft/5m increments
  • Dampened (average) display for unstable load
  • Fatigue rated load cell
  • IP 67 load cell with special off-shore connectors
  • Longer extension cable in 15ft/5m increments
  • Number of measurements per second: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/20, factory set
  • Rechargeable batteries with an external charger for charging the batteries inside the system

Dimensions Table and Drawing (Shank Hook Version)