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AD-8118C Printer

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AD-8118C Printer
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Print type Dot matrix impact printer
Number of characters Standard: 24 characters 5 1 line (5 5 7 dot) Enlarged: 12 characters 5 1 line (10 5 7 dot)
Character size Standard: 1.7(W) 5 2.6(H)mm Enlarged: 3.4(W) 5 2.6(H)mm
Printing speed Approx. 1.7 lines/second (Internal processing time excluded)
Reliability 1,000,000 lines
Print color Black
Ink ribbon life Approx. 200,000 characters (Depending on surrounding environment)
Printer paper AX-PP137-S (10 rolls), 57.5(W) 5 ·0mm, Approx. 8,000 lines/roll
Data communication RS-232C/Current loop, switching with a slide switch
Control I/O Input: Print/Feed paper/Batch print/Lot print, etc. Output: Busy/Printing, Open collector

General specifications

Power 100V to 240V(+10% -15%) AC (85V to 264V AC), 50/60Hz
Weight Approx. 2.0kg (Shipping weight: approx. 3.5kg)
Operating temp. & humidity range 0-C~40-C, 80% RH or less (No condensation)
External dimensions 192(W) 5 185(D) 5 96(H)mm
Panel cut dimensions 186(+1.0,-0.0) × 92(+0.8,-0.0) mm
LCD display 16 characters 5 2 lines (Character: 2.15mm width 5 4.35 mm height)
Power consumptione When AD-8118C-02 is installed: approx. 17VA 
When AD-8118C-02 and AD-8118C-10 are installed: approx. 20VA

  • Date and time printing function (built-in calendar/clock)
  • Cumulative memory function (Memory stored even if the power supply is switched off.)
  • Internal battery provides calendar/clock and cumulative  memory function back-up for approx. 10 years.
  • Cumulative/statistical calculation functions by code/ input channel
  • Print modes* : Random, Dump, Interval, and Batch
  • Print format modification function using the operation keys (in the random print mode)
  • Connectable to external displays (up to 3 devices) with a current loop output (channel 1 only)
  • Up to 4 data output devices including indicators (AD-8118C-02 required) can be connected to a single AD-8118C printer.
  • Receives input signal via a current loop (maximum length of approx. 100m) or RS-232C (maximum length of approx. 15m)


3-channel input expansion board 
Data input of 4 channels including the main unit is possible. 
Input/Output------RS-232C/Current loop 
(Channels 2~4. Can be switched via connector connection.) 
Control I/O--------Open collector 
Weight-------------Approx. 0.4kg (Shipping weight: approx. 0.5kg)


Automatic paper winder 
Power supply ------From AD-8118C via standard control cable, 1KO3228 (approx. 30cm) 
Operating temperature and humidity range----Same as AD-8118C 
External dimensions-------------------192(W) 5 185(D) 5 120(H)mm 
Panel cut dimensions -----------183(+1.0,-0.0)×115(+0.8,-0.0) mm 
Weight----------------Approx. 2.2kg (Shipping weight: approx. 3.8kg)

Consumable Supplies
nk ribbon ------------AX-ERC-09-S (5 pcs.)
Printer paper-------AX-PP137-S (10 rolls)