Weighbridge Pitless Type

Pitless Type Weighbridge

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pitless-type weighbridge

Pitless Type
Pitless Type of weighbridge can either be mounted above the ground with steel ramps or concrete ramps at each end. 

The advantages are overall cost is less expensive due to lesser construction work involved and easier maintenance as less time and efforts needed. 

The main consideration is the availability of space to install the weighbridge so that it will not obstruct the traffic flow.



Available Capacity and Sizes
 Capacity   20 ton    30 ton   60 ton   80 ton   100 ton
 Size   3m x 9m / 3m x 12m / 3m x 15m / 3m x 18m
Customised Sizes are also available on request
General Features
Traffic Management Syetem & Customised computer software solution (Optional)

We could also provide fully integrated Traffic Management System, customised computer software for data management to meet your special requirements.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Our team of service personnel are trained to provide any technical services which are needed to upkeep the weighbridges in good and serviceable conditions.
As an Authorized Verifier by Weights & Measures Office, we are authorized to verify and stamp any types of weighbridges up to 100 Tons capacity.
Upon your request, we could work out a comprehensive maintenance program or adhoc services that tailored to your needs.

Call us now and tell us your needs, we will provide you a workable solution that tailored to your needs.
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