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Estimated delivery within 4-7 working days

The material handler scale approved for commercial use accurately weighs materials being moved without interrupting the work and facilitates real-time monitoring and comprehensive management of material flow.

The Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale weighs material effortlessly while it is being moved, unloaded or loaded. The weighing information can be transferred in real time to ERP or other systems, facilitating efficient material flow management.

The easy-to-use scale is designed for fast-paced material handling and can be used together with various lifting tools. As the Power Material Handler Scale is type-approved, invoicing can be carried out based on weighing results. The scale also allows for different materials to be easily weighed in conditions that require great reach, such as harbours and terminals, recycling plants and wood processing. The Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale is also suitable for determining the density of freshly cut wood, as it has a separate function for immersion weighing.

  • Accurate weighing results, 1–2%
  • Approved for commercial use
  • Immersion weighing function
  • Weighing information can be transferred to a cloud service or, via integration, to an ERP or other system

Information produced by the Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale on processed material amounts can be easily and reliably transferred to be used for business purposes, which allows for real-time monitoring of volumes being moved. The comprehensive management of material flows increases operational transparency and facilitates the optimisation of operations and schedules.

Can be integrated into an ERP or other system in order to facilitate reliable information transfer and real-time reporting and monitoring
Can be connected to a cloud service, where the weighing information will be available to be utilised easily and in real time
Can be connected to the PC-based in-vehicle computer of the material handler
Weighing information from all Tamtron scales, such as material handler scales and traditional truck scales, can be managed in the same system

The Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale is available equipped with an advanced Power scale instrument or as a PC version that is integrated into an in-vehicle computer.


Log memory for 10,000 receipts
Integration to ERP and logistics management systems

8–12 main memories for different materials and other weighing-related data
Internet data transfer
The Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale is also available without data transfer.