Crane scale Wireless Crane Scale - Hook Type

RON 2501 Hook Type Crane Scale with Wireless Remote Display

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RON 2501-hook



The RON 2501 hook type is an advanced wireless crane scale.

The RON 2501 hook type crane scale combines the safety and comfort of having a remote, wireless display with the ease of use that a hook allows.

RON crane scales are especially suitable for hot temperature industries, as well as for a wide variety of other applications.

RON 2501 wireless crane scales have an internal mechanism to ensure that the received and indicated value is identical to the transmitted value. Under no circumstances will it indicate a different value than the transmitted one. This is an important safety feature.

The small size of the wireless crane scale ensures low headroom loss for any application.

RON crane scales and dynamometers are fully tested and supplied with a test certificate, including a fully traceable calibration chart. 

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Range : Up to 150 yards / meters (outdoor, line of sight).

Safety Factor : Designed to 5:1 for the load cell and for the lifting eye. Average straightening load of the hook is at least 4 times the capacity.

Proof Load : Each system proof-loaded to 200% of capacity (certified) up to a test force of 400t.

Accuracy : ± 0.1% of full range.

Display: 5 digit, ½" (12mm) liquid crystal display and annunciator; two-level overload state, max. value (peak hold), low battery (load cell and indicator), tare state (gross or net), measuring units, charge, and programming instructions. Standard number of measurements per second: 1. 

Functions : Tare. Low battery warnings: one for the load cell battery and the other for the hand-held indicator, displayed on the latter. Max. (peak hold). Two-level overload visual alarms. User calibration.

Units : available in the following measurement readings: metric tons, short tons (2000 lbs), kgs, lbs, newtons, deca newtons, k. newtons.

Load Cell Material : Made of high-strength, aerospace quality, alloy steel, polyurethane coated.

Indicator Material : High quality ABS.

Power : 3 x AA ("finger") 1.5 Volt Alkaline disposable batteries, in the hand-held indicator and additional 4 in the load cell. Batteries rated 3AH will function for at least 1500 hours (more than two months of continuous working). Occasional use will extend the life of the batteries up to several years. Adding certain options will shorten the life of the batteries. All settings retained at power off.

Calibration : User calibration. Initial factory calibration, fully traceable (certified).

Temperature Range : Load cell: -15°F to +175°F (-25°C to +80°C). Indicator: -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C).

Environmental : Weather proof, NEMA 4, IP65.

  • 1 or 2 user-adjustable set points
  • Additional 2"/50mm LCD display with cable connection to indicator
  • Additional 4"/100mm LED display with cable connection to indicator
  • Additional wireless ABS indicator 0.5"/12mm digits
  • Additional wireless aluminum indicator 1"/25mm digits
  • Baud rate, user-selectable
  • Dampened (average) display for unstable load
  • Data logger - up to 600/3000/6000 measurements
  • Fatigue rated load cell
  • Indicator belt clip
  • Number of measurements per second: 2,3, factory set
  • Rechargeable batteries, with an external charger for charging the batteries inside the system
  • Robust, extruded aluminum, hand-held indicator (1"/25mm digit height)
  • RS-232 - continuous or on demand data output, user-selectable
  • RS-485 - continuous or on demand data output, user-selectable
  • Summary of up to 8 different load cell measurements
  • Totalizer
  • Units, user-selectable
  • For hot industries:
  • Heat shield for the load cell
  • Internal load cell thermometer for load cell temperature display on the hand-held indicator
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