Load Cell Double Ended Beam (Commonly used in vehicle weighing applications and tank and hopper applications) Double Ended Beam

Master Mount® Load Cells

Estimated delivery within 4-7 working days

Unique, patented load cell assembly for silo, tank and vessel weighing

Thames Side Sensors's MasterMount® is the latest in a range of unique patented load cell and mount combinations which include the LeverMount® and LeverMount Lite® and extends the range of capacities up to 30 tonnes.

The MasterMount® has primarily been designed for easy, safe, simple installation and removal of the load cell without the aid of specialist tools, jacks or other equipment.

A patented lever and cam mechanism enables the top plate of the loading assembly to be raised and lowered with a 180 degree turn, which can be accomplished easily, even at the maximum 20 tonne capacity, with just an M30 socket spanner and T-bar. The stainless steel load cell is retained within the assembly by simple captivated pins, thus avoiding the use of fiddly retaining clips. Lift off protection is provided through the mount itself, rather than the traditional design of through the load cell, which protects the load cell from reverse shock loading. The MasterMount® assembly is manufactured from high strength cast steel and has an 'autophoretic' corrosion resistant paint finish.

Once the MasterMount® loading assembly has been fitted under the vessel, installation and removal of the load cell can be accomplished in minutes, resulting in large savings in installation costs.

The MasterMount® is just one product in an extensive range of innovative Thames Side load cell and mount arrangements with capacities from 20kg up to 600 tonnes designed specifically for Process Weighing and Materials Storage applications.