Load Cell Electronics Flintec Digitising Units

LDU 68.1/68.2/69.1/78.1 Load Cell Digitising Unit

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LDU 68.1/68.2/69.1/78.1
Product Description

The Load Cell Digitising Units LDU 68.1 / 68.2 / 69.1 / 78.1 are accurate, veritable A/D converters for static and / or dynamic weighing applications. 

LDU 68.1 / 69.1 / 79.1 are approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with up to 10,000 increments (e) according to OIML R76; details see specs. 

Communication via serial interface RS422/RS485, making it easy to connect to PC, PLC and other devices. 

Standard weighing functions are available. Special commands e.g. in LDU 78.1 are implemented for applications like filling / dosing / check weighing etc. 

Software calibration and set up. 

The LDU 69.1 covers features like mV/V calibration, high resolution, 7 point linearization, synchronization with other LDU 69.1. Therefore it is the ideal instrument for high precision high resolution measurements in multi channel applications. 

The LDU family will be supported by the DOP software (easy set up, recording dynamic graphs, etc) and the AppMon software for long time multi channel data records. Both software packages require Windows 2000/XP.

  • Easy converting analogue load cells to digital
  • Internal resolution up to ±1 050 000 counts
  • EU Type approved
  • Digital filter, programmable
  • Special commands for diff. applications
  • Linearity better than 0.002 %
  • 6 wire load cell connection
  • Network function by RS422/RS485
  • Power supply 12 ... 24 V DC