Precious Metal Tester GKS-300


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Description: Easy and accurate Gold K,PT testing. GK series are the GOLD TESTER with our developed software which evaluates purity of Precious Metals.
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Product Name GKS-300 GKS-3000
Density 0.001g/cm3 0.01g/cm3
Scale capacity 0.001~300g 0.01~3000g
Gold, White gold K9-24 & % K9-24 & %
Platinum Pt600-1000 Pt600-1000
Silver 600-1000 600-1000
  • GKs can check purity to confirm if marked stamp on gold (platinum) is correct or not. GKs are very useful to check most common type of fake gold: lower purity than marked stamp on gold (platinum)
  • Gold (platinum) which outside covered real gold (platinum), and inside with other metal can be detected.
  • Non-gold (platinum) metals can be distinguished.
  • Can be measured scrap gold at a time and show average purity.
  • Also function as a normal gram scale and Densimeter.
  • Display Gold K9-K24 & % (GK-300: 99%, GKS Series: 99.9%)

Precious metals which are not able to be tested with GKs

  • With hallow.
  • With any stones (have to remove them when testing)
  • Materials which have close density to gold (platinum)
  • Printer AD-8121B
  • Wind Shield