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CLY Wireless Dynamometer

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CLY Wireless Dynamometer
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 Capacity Division Weight
 0.5t 0.2kg  1.6
 1t 0.5kg  2.0
 2t 1kg  2.1
 3t 1kg  2.3
 5t 2kg  3.6
 10t 5kg  6.2
 15t 5kg  9.5
 20t 10kg  15.0
30t  10kg  21.9
 50t 20kg  45.5
  • Sturdy & portable wireless dynamometer.
  • Alloy steel with good quality for large capacity.
  • More convenient in application with hand-held Pin wireless indicator.
  • Peak function to record the largest weight value.
  • Low battery indication on both load cell and Pm indicator.

Technical Parameter

  • Accuracy Level 1
  • Time to Stable Reading -.C.-8s
  • Maximum Safe Load 150%F.S.
  • Limited Overload 300%F.S.
  • Overload Alarm 100%F.S.+9e
  • Operating Temperature -10°C- 55t