Checkweighers AD-4961


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Checkweigher Provides accurate weighing with simple and intuitive operation

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Model AD-4961-600-1224 AD-4961-2KD-2035 AD-4961-6K-3050
Capacity 600g 500g / 2,000g 6,000g
Resolution 0.01g 0.01g / 0.1g 0.1g
Accuracy(3d) *1 0.08g 0.08g / 0.18g 1.0g
Max. throughput 400pcs/min 320pcs/min 145pcs/min
Conveyor belt width 120mm 200mm 300mm
Conveyor length

Weighing: 240mm
Infeed: 360mm

350mm 350mm
Transport medium Urethane belt
Conveyor belt speed 15~120m/min 15~120m/min 10~80mm/min
Max. product dimensions   Length: 30~300mm
Width: 200mm
Length: 80~450mm
Width: 300mm
Weighing sensor Strain gauge load cell
Display 7 inch touch panel color display (WVGA)
Operation method Touch panel (resistive film type), operation buttons
Number of recorded items 1,000 items (10 groups x 100 items)
Communication functions Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU / RS-232C/485 (selectable) / TCP/IP (PostScript printer) / USB (for PostScript printer, USB memory, data storage, image import use) *3
External input Non-voltage contact input 4 points
External output Relay output 8 points
Dust/water resistance specifications IP65
Operation temperature/humidity range -5~40 °C / humidity below 85% (with no condensation)
Power supply *4 Single phase AC100V-240V (+10% / -15%), 50/60Hz 180VA
External dimensions *2

Length: 700mm
Width: 660mm
Height: 710-860mm

Length: 700mm
Width: 660mm
Height: 710-860mm
Length: 1005mm
Width: 736mm
Height: 720-870mm
Weight *2 Approx. 35kg Approx. 35kg Approx. 50kg
Material Display : ABS resin
Conveyor unit : Aluminum (alumite coating) and PP resin
Control box : Stainless steel
Base unit : Stainless steel

* 1 Depends on the shape and the condition of the product and installation environment.
*2 Values for external dimensions and weight are for standard conditions without rejector.
*3 USB memory must be formatted to FAT32.
*4 Please prepare a F4-7mm power cable.

Best-in-class precision
With a newly developed digital load cell and an ultra-high speed processing module, high level precision of 0.08g (3s)*1 has been realized. With this high accuracy checkweigher, you can minimize the giveaway of materials above the specified weight and contribute to reductions in production costs. *1 For AD-4961-2KD-2035. Depends on the shape and the condition of the product and installation environment.

7 inch color touch panel

The display utilizes a high visibility touch panel color LCD with user friendly Graphic User Interface (audio guidance support function included).

Image import from USB

Product images can be quickly uploaded to the checkweigher from a USB flash drive, making product identification and upload fast and simple.


Protected from dust and water to IP65 standards. Hygienic design with the entire system washable.

Stores up to 1000 products

Products can be divided into 10 different groups, with up to 100 products able to be recorded within each group.

Lightweight and compact design

With its modular structure, the AD-4961 allows for rapid and simple installation or relocation.

Unique modular design

AD-4961 consists of four units: an infeed conveyor unit, a weighing conveyor unit, a control unit and a base unit, allowing fast and simple assembly. In the case of system shutdown, you do not need to wait for a service engineer to respond to the issue. Just simply replace the unresponsive module by yourself, so that you can shorten system downtime and maximize production efficiency.

Optimization of weighing configuration

By inputting throughput (products per minute) or belt speed (m/min), optimal weighing conditions can be automatically set.

You can weigh products precisely without inputting various settings. 


History function

  • Operational history
  • The history of configuration changes can be recorded and displayed. Suitable for use in HACCP programs along with the weighing history function. Users can be registered and their scope of permitted operations controlled according to 4 management levels. [ Operation ] [ Supervisor ] [ Quality Manager ] [Administrator ] By assigning each user to the appropriate level of access, inadvertent operations can be avoided.*2 *2 "Operator" is set as the factory default setting.

  • Weighing history
  • Weighing results are automatically recorded in a USB flash drive during weighing. Output data: Date, time, group and product number, weight data and judgments. USB memory Approx. 6MB memory size is required for 8 hours operation at the maximum throughput (320pcs/min.) Approx. 7GB memory size is required for 24hours 365days operation.

    Modbus communication

    Equipped with Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP as standard. With Modbus communication, seamless connection can be easily achieved. Operations such as stopping and starting weighing, collecting data and changing product can all be set from an external device.

    Various inputs / outputs

    Rejector output , alarm output, metal detector input, RS-232C, TCP/IP and USB interface are equipped as standards. Storing data in a USB flash drive or outputting to a printer are also possible.

    Graph printing to a printer

    Histogram, X/R control charts and summary reports can be outputted to a PostScript printer via Ethernet.

    Data summary

    Various summary data such as histograms (frequency including defects), X charts, R charts, total summaries, etc., are available. You can visually confirm fluctuation of weighing results and adjust your manufacturing machine accordingly.

    Histogram, control charts and summary reports

    After weighing, press the PDF key on the summary display. A PDF report is outputted to a USB flash drive. The same reports can be printed out by pressing the PRINT key when a PostScript printer is connected to the checkweigher.

    USB memory function

    Weighing history and operation history are stored in a USB flash drive. You can also output histogram, X/R control charts or summary data to a USB flash drive in PDF format. A USB flash drive needs to be inserted before weighing.  *Please prepare a USB flash drive.