Balances Mass Comparators

MC Series

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MC Series Mass Comparators (Precision Balances with Extended Resolution) For management of masses in the OIML Class F1 or below

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  Model   MC-1000   MC-6100   MC-10K   MC-30K MC-100KS
  Weighing capacity   1100 g   6100 g   10.1 kg   31 kg 101kg
  Minimum weighing value   0.0001 g   0.001 g   0.01 g 0.1g
  Repeatability (Standard deviation)*   0.0005 g   0.004 g   0.005 g   0.015 g 0.2 g (for 100 kg)                                                    0.1 g (for 60 kg)
  Linearity   ±0.003 g   ±0.03 g   ±0.03 g   ±0.2 g ±2 g
  Sensitivity drift (10 °C to 30 °C)**   ±2 ppm/°C   ±3 ppm/°C ±6 ppm/°C
  Weighing pan   128 × 128 mm   165 × 165 mm 270 × 210 mm 270 × 210 mm 386 mm × 346 mm

* Repeatability when the auto-centering pan or an automatic loading machine is used under good ambient conditions.
** When automatic self-calibration is not used.

  • Extra decimal place for monitoring fine weight changes with heavy tare weights
  • Stabilizing filter to lessen errors due to drafts or vibrations
  • Auto-centering pan to avoid corner-load errors and ensure higher accuracy (optional)
  • Internal calibration mass for simplified calibration of the balance
  • Equipped with a glass breeze break (MC-1000/6100) or simple breeze break (MC-10K/30K) as standard
  • Fast stabilization of approx. 1.5 seconds
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
  • Large bright vacuum fluorescent display
  • Multiple weighing units of measurement

External Input/Output RS-232C interface Quick USB interface (option for MC-1000/6100) Comparator output with a buzzer (optional) Current loop (optional) Analog voltage output (optional)
For MC-1000/6100
GX-02 : Quick USB interface with cable
GX-04 : Comparator output with a buzzer/RS-232C/Current loop
GX-06 : Analog voltage output/Current loop
GX-12 : Animal weighing pan
GX-13 : Density determination kit (for MC-1000 only)
* GX-02, GX-04, GX-06, and the standard RS-232C interface cannot be used at the same time. 
** GX-04 and GX-06 are factory-installed options

For MC-10K/30K 
GX-04K : Comparator output with a buzzer/RS-232C/Current loop
GX-06K : Analog voltage output/Current loop
GX-07K : Waterproof RS-232C cable (5 m)
GXK-012 : Animal weighing pan
GXK-015 : Carrying case
* GX-04K, GX-06K, and the standard RS-232C interface cannot be used at the same time. The MC-10K/30K are not IP65 compliant with these options.