Indicators A&D Multi-Purpose Indicator for strain Gauge Sensors


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Multi purpose Digital Indicator

High Performance digital Indicator for strain Gauge Sensors: Weight, Pressure, Displacement, Torque, Tension and Acceleration applications

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  • Digitally processed signals with 16 times/s A/D conversion
  • Peak hold and hold capability
  • "Hold Mode" data stored digitally to prevent drooping on display and analog output
  • Comparator function and output.
  • Analog output with scaling and offset functions
  • Full digital calibration-Digitally span calibrated by entering a sensor output voltage through the keyboard or input using the optional RS-232C interface.
  • Data digitally held in memory. Hold and analog output are stored without any drooping.
  • Easy on relieves user of repetitive adjustments.
  • Compact DIN size body for digital key operating greater installation flexibility.
  • Averaging time and display update rate can be selected for various applications.
  • Digital display hold, peak hold and bottom hold.
  • Replace circuit board and front key board without disconnecting any wires.
  • Easy, fast and low-cost maintenance. Analog output with offset and scaling functions.
  • Variety of data outputs: Average, digital peak hold, analog, hysteresis compensation comparison.
  • Analog low-pass filter removes noise from signal inputs.
  • RFI/EMI screened to comply with U.S., Canadian and other international regulations.
  • Either standard data or digital peak data outputs are available through optional RS-232C, current loop or 4-20mA analog output interface.

OP-04 - RS-232C interface (output)
OP-05 - Current loop output (passive)
OP-07 - 4-20 mA analog output (passive) 
*Only one output can be selected from standard analog output, OP-04, OP-05 and OP-07
OP-05 Parallel I/O 
OP-07 Analog output