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520 Configurable Weight Indicator

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520 Configurable Weight Indicator
Description: Rice Lake's 520 is the most compact and economical option for providing process control and batching functions, delivering an exceptional combination of performance and value. The 520 is Rice Lake's only programmable model to offer a counting scale function. Available in both panel mount and desktop versions. The 520's compact panel mount enclosure conserves space in control panels and other custom system designs, allowing convenient rear access for connections and maintaining a NEMA 4X/IP67 seal to protect electronics. Choose the desktop version for applications requiring a variety of mounting options.
  • 0.75" (19 mm), seven-digit Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
  • 16-character 0.25" (6.3 mm) VFD prompting display
  • Eight configurable operator prompts
  • Three digital inputs and four digital outputs
  • Selectable A/D measurement rates up to 120/second
  • Two communication ports: EDP port-full duplex, RS-232 and RS-485; Printer port-full duplex, RS-232 or 20 mA current loop
  • Five programmable ticket formats for Gross, Net, Setpoints, Count, and EDP format
  • 8 setpoint kinds
  • Programmable stream print format
  • Time and date
  • Pushbutton or scrolled tare entry
  • Over/accept/under checkweigh mode
  • Front panel or serial confi guration/calibration
  • 5-point linearization calibration
  • Millivolt calibration
  • Gravitational compensation calibration
  • Power for eight 350 ohm load cells or sixteen 700 ohm load cells
  • Expansion port for option card
  • Key functions: zero, gross-net, tare, units, print
  • Desktop model with panel mount kit can be mounted in existing UMC2000 cutouts