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AD-1683 Static Eliminator

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AD-1683 Static Eliminator
Description: AD1683 static eliminator, which incorporates a high-voltage power source, is a DC power-operated small-size device which can eliminate static electricity from charged objects without the need of an external high-voltage power source. Since this static eliminator is compact and lightweight with no fan (no breeze is produced) and requires no high-voltage wiring, it is very easy to handle. Being of a DC type, it has a remarkable ability for generating ions.
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Static elimination method ................DC corona discharge DUAL-DC 
Static eliminating electrode .............Tungsten emitter 
Environmental conditions................ -5 to +40°C, 35% to 85%RH (non-condensing) 
Power requirements........................ 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • Can be easily and safely installed because they require no high-voltage wiring.
  • Being of a DC type, this static eliminator has a remarkable ability for generating ions and can be used for elimination of static charges from quickly running or highly electrified workpieces.
  • Little or no reverse charge is induced by irradiated ions because of its excellent ion polarity balance.
  • Achieves static elimination with a high degree of efficiency regardless of the polarity or the potential of the charged object.
  • Suited for static elimination in narrow and remote places because of its lengthy ion irradiation distance.
  • Produces only a little amount of ozone thanks to its high ion generation efficiency.
  • A current limiting circuit is incorporated in the ion generating electrode to reduce the possibility of electric shock.
  • Being of a DC type, this static eliminator, unlike PULSE-DC, involves no swing in surface potential of the charged object.