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AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Unit

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AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Unit

The AD-1682 is a rechargeable battery unit exclusively designed for A&D's weighing products.With this unit, an A&D weighing product can be operated in an environment where a power source is not available.

List of Applicable products
Product SeriesContinuous Operation Duration (Typical)
SV5 hours
GX-K/GF-K, GP6 hours
GH, GR, HR-202i/300i, GX/GF8 hours
HD66 hours

For the following product lines, please use the exclusive optional battery pack available for each product line.

FXi-09 for the FX-i series 
HR-09 for the HR-60/120/200 
EKW-09i for the EK-i/EW-i series 
FC-02i for the FC-i series 
HC-02i for the HC-i, FS-i series 

Optional BatteryContinuous Operation Duration (Typical)Charging Time
FXi-09 for the FX-i series8 hours10 hours
HR-09 for the HR-60/120/20010 hours10 hours
EKW-09i for the EK-i/EW-i series9 hours15 hours
FC-02i for the FC-i series10 hours15 hours
HC-02i for the HC-i, FS-i series80 hours15 hours