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AD-1672 Tabletop Breeze Break

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AD-1672 Tabletop Breeze Break
Description: Strongly recommended for micro-level weighing
Laboratories are typically kept at a constant temperature by air conditioning. Contrary to what you may believe, a strict temperature control can adversely affect the stability of a micro analytical balance when the air conditioning causes strong air circulation and minute repeated temperature fluctuations around the set temperature
The AD-1672 is effective in shielding your balance from such disturbances.
Material ------Transparent panel: Antistatic vinyl chloride
Frame: Aluminum
Dimensions ------ 680mm(W) × 600mm(D) × 720mm(H)
Weight------Approx. 10g
  • Shields a highly sensitive analytical balance from breezes and minute temperature changes caused by air conditioning or people passing by.
  • Possible to pass RS-232C and AC adapter cables through two guides at the bottom of the back side
  • Ready to assemble and easy to move from one location to another

With a BM-20 microbalance and an AD-1672 tabletop breeze break