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X-Y Series

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X-Y Series
Description: X-Y Force Type Load Cells
  Capacity  Model No.
  X-500 kg (5 kN)  XY-500L / 250L
  Y-250 kg (2.5 kN)  XY-500L / 250L
  X-750 kg (7.5 kN)  XY-750L / 250L
  Y-250 kg (2.5 kN)  XY-750L / 250L
  X-1000 kg (10 kN)  XY-1000L / 500L
  Y-500 kg (5 kN)  XY-1000L / 500L

Note: XY-500L/500L to be specially designed and re-quoted
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  Rated capacities   X-500 kg Y-250 kg (X:5 kN, Y:2.5 kN)X-750 kg Y-250 kg (X:7.5 kN, Y:2.5 kN)X-1000 kg Y-500 kg (X:10 kN, Y:5 kN)
  Rated output(R,O)   2mV/V±1%(for X,Y))
  Non linearity   0.1% R.O.
 Hysteresis   0.05% R.O.
 Repeatability   0.05% R.O.
  Recommended    excitation voltage  5 V to 10 V AC/DC
  ZMax. excitation voltage   20 V AC/DC
  Zero balance  ±1% of R.O.
  Input terminals bridge  resistance   350Ω±3.5Ω
  Output terminal  bridgeresistance   350±3.5Ω
  Insulation resistance   2000MΩ(B/E DC 50V)
  Cable diameter/length  φ7, 4-core shielded cable, 10 m, connector end
  Zero point temperature    effect   0.05% R.O./10 °C
  Temperature effect on    output  0.05% Load/10 °C
  Temperature  compensated range   -10°C~ 70°C
  Temperature usable    range   -10°C~ 70°C
 Safe overload   150% R.L.
 Limited overload   200% R.L.
  Natural frequency  More than 1 kHz
  Crosstalk  2.5 N or less (5 kN / 2.5 kN) 5.0 N or less (7.5 kN /5 kN, 10 kN, / 2.5 kN, 5 kN / 5 kN)
  • Ideal for tire uniformity measurement, etc.
  • Simultaneous measurement in the X and Y directions with one unit
  • Structure designed for excellent toughness and durability
  • Minimal mutual interference with simultaneous loading on the X and Y axes