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The K410 is a single material filling application used for dosing, bagging and silo discharge.Easy setup: The K410 uses three set batching stages: fill, dump and a finish stage. The defined I/O simplifies setup - defining the fill outputs, interlocks and enables that would generally be used on filling systems.Negative batching is supported by setting the fill direction which defines if the weight is increasing or decreasing while batching - ideal for discharge and dosing applications.Batch Suspend can be allocated to a function key - the batch will pause and adjust the tare weight when resuming the batch. Ideal for when a material feeding the batch needs to be topped up during the batch without affecting the batched amount, or when feeding from multiple bulker bags etc.

Timer based multiple batching uses the Real Time Clock to control the batch start time and the duration between repeat batches - ideal for bio-fuel applications.When using timer based batching, the current weight is displayed along with the time to go before the next batch, keeping the operator informed.

Smart Weighing

Predefined fill, dump and finish configuration for fast setup.

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  • 100 Recipes (Products)
  • 3 set batching stages- Fill, Dump and Pulse
  • 1 Material/3 Speed Fill
  • Fill correction using jogging or in-flight
  • Negative batching
  • Batch suspend
  • Dump to time or weight