Indicators Rinstrum R400 Series Indicators


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The K402 adds multiple-product configuration to the K401, making it ideal for applications where there are a variety of products that have fixed attributes that need to be recalled.

Powerful product configuration allows for parameters to be stored for each product. For each product the following can be stored:

Products can be recalled easily by the operator by using the product name - either select from the most recently used 10 products or use an alphanumeric product search via the keypad. Product selection via an external thumb-wheel is also supported.
Counting is made easy with either the piece weight is entered or determined through a sample. This piece weight can then be stored against the product id.
Multi-segment display assists the operator for piece weight counting by displaying the number of pieces on the primary line and the piece weight on the secondary line. 

Smart Weighing

Powerful Product Configuration

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  • Trade approved 10,000d @ 0.7 #181;V/d
  • 16 x 350 ohm cells
  • 100,000d @ 0.25 #181;V/d
  • Programmable printing/custom unit switching
  • 250 Product ID storage
  • Analogue module with isolated outputs (option)
  • Up to 32 I/O
  • Custom unit switching