Indicators Rinstrum R400 Series Indicators


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The K401 is a general purpose indicator suitable for weigh bridges, general trade weighing, multiple indicator weighing systems and process control. The Scale Entry/Exist features make the K401 ideal for unmanned weigh bridges.

Programmable printing for customized dockets and reports can support two separate printers

Custom Unit Switching allows for complete flexibility
Flexible set point configuration for improved system integration. A set point can be individually configured to instrument status or weight target triggers. Each set point can be: The large multi-line display assists the operator by displaying current weight and total weight and product name. Smart Weighing R400 Logic set points are based on the status of the inputs and the defined mask that is used to match IO1-IO24 for the logic set points. For applications that require a combination of multiple conditions eg.
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  • 100,000 d @ 0.25 #181;V/d
  • Trade approved 10,000 d @0.7uV/d
  • Standard serial outputs
  • IP65 ABS or stainless steel housing
  • 16 x 350 ohm cells
  • Counting with piece weight entry
  • Custom unit switching