Indicators A&D Vibration-Resistant Weighing Indicator



Powerful vibration-cancelling filter (High Performance Digital Filter)
High speed sampling – 1000 times per second

  • Powerful vibration-cancelling filter (High Performance Digital Filter)
  • Sequential filling/dispensing measurement capability 
  • Internal setpoint control 
  • Active free fall compensation
  • I/O points (6 inputs, 8 outputs) as standard 
  • Remote I/O connectivity for PLC input and output
  • USB interface to import/export function settings 
  • Averaging hold, peak hold and comparator functions 
  • DIN rail mounting type to install into control box

Featuring the High-Performance Digital Filter (HPDF) for Environments with Vibration Issues
The High-Performance Digital Filter provides high accuracy/high speed weighing in environments with vibration problems.
It greatly reduces the costs and maintenance required for anti-vibration equipment since it copes with vibrations without
requiring many mechanical measures. What's more, conducting weighing while applying vibrations, once an extremely
difficult task, is now possible.

High speed sampling - high speed data output
High speed sampling of 1000 times/sec has been achieved, and with BCD output (a standard feature) can be outputted
at a maximum speed of 1000 times/sec.