Indicators A&D Vibration-Resistant Weighing Indicator



Easy-to-use weighing indicator specifically for CC-Link. 
Realizes both an extremely fast response speed and stable weighing in high vibration environments. 
Enhances the performance of weighing devices that structurally have a source of vibration. 
Wide zero adjustment range. 

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  • Analog Unit
Minimum input sensitivity 0.15µV/d
Zero adjustment range -35mV to +35mV (-7mV/V to +7mV/V)
Load cell excitation DC5V±5%, 120mA 
Equipped with remote sensing
Up to 8 load cells(350Ω) can be connected.
Temperature coefficient Zero; ±0.02µV/ °C(Typ.)
±0.1µV/ °C(Max.)
Span; ±3ppm/ °C(Typ.)
±15ppm/ °C(Max.)
Non-linearity 0.005% of F.S.
Maximum input noise 0.3µVp-p
Maximum measurement voltage -35mV to +35mV (-7mV/V to +7mV/V)
Minimum input impedance 10MΩ
A/D conversion method Delta Sigma
A/D resolution Approx.16,000,000 counts
Maximum display resolution 999,999d (Less than 20,000d recommended)
A/D conversion rate 100 times/sec.
Calibration Actual load calibration or digital span calibration without actual load

  • Digital Unit
Display element Measurement data display: 7-segment 6-digit green LED with 14.6mm high characters
Polarity display: Green LED (1)
Status display: Red LEDs (6)
Measurement data display unit Switch to net weight value (NET) or gross weight value (GROSS).
Display range:0 to 999,999d (Select division from 1, 2, 5, 10, or 50)
Units:Affix a "g","kg",or"t"unit sticker
Status display ZERO, STABLE, GROSS, NET, HOLD,and___(selected function in operation)

  • External I/O
CC-Link I/O Up to 64 devices can be connected with one master unit by selecting the number of occupied stations when configured with the AD-4408C.
Standard serial output 20mA current loop signal (exclusive output for A&D peripheral devices)

  • General specifications
Power AC100 to 240V (+10%-15%) (50/60Hz)
Power consumption Approx.10VA
Operating temperature and humidity -10°C to 40°C/85%RH or less(no condensation)
Physical dimensions 144(W) x 72(H) x 135(D) mm (including protruding parts)
Panel cutout size 138 x 68 mm
Dust and water-proof The IP65 display is dust and water-proof when mounted into a panel (When the provided rubber packing is affixed)
Weight Approx. 800g

  • Direct connection to CC-Link with the CC-Link interface (provided as standard)
  • High-performance digital filtering that eliminates the effects of strong vibration
  • Simple design to facilitate connection to a PLC
  • High-speed (100 times/sec.), highly-accurate performance
  • Compact, lightweight body makes it ideal for mounting into a control panel
  • Dust and water-proof display (when mounted into a panel)
  • Up to 64 units can be connected with one master unit (when configured with the AD-4408C)