Indicators A&D Basic Weighing & Simple Filling


Description: The AD4329 is your best choice for a variety of application
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  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Standard RS232C interface
  • 4-Point Digital Linearization
  • Triple range on weighing capacity are available
  • Automatic or Manual Storage of Accumulated Data
  • Comparator Output to Optional Relays
  • Set-Point Comparison for Batching Applications
  • Select Weighing Range (up to triple range)
  • 1/20,000 Displayed Count Resolution (maximum)
  • Powers up to 8 Units of Load Cells
  • Controllable via External Input
  • RFI/EMI protected.
  • Meets OIML Class III specifications.
  • Mount on panel, column or desk top.
  • Enters predetermined tare weight from keypad

OP-02 Comparator Relay output 
OP-01-4329 BCD Output