Customer's Challenges

  • The lack of computerized and automated systems makes procurement and inventory management across multiple F&B retail locations a challenging process due to time-consuming and error-prone manual processes without traceability.
  • In addition, weight data recording is usually not integrated with the other enterprise systems, resulting in low productivity in data collection for resource planning.

The Solution

  • The GoldbellWeigh™ Digital Weighing System is an WiFi-enabled solution which allows our customers to have a seamless process to acquire weight data from multiple locations from the point of receipt of the materials.
  • It brings together both hardware and software components for wireless weighing and accurate transfer of data, including real-time data integration with our customers’ existing ERP systems.

The Results

  • Multiple sets of GoldbellWeigh™ Digital Weighing System have been designed, configured and deployed at F&B outlets across Singapore, enhancing quality and efficiency of inventory management and resource planning. Further to the first batch of deployment, more units can be set up at other outlets easily with standardized procedures.

Greater productivity in inventory management and control

Traceable record of raw materials’ weight data for ease of audits

Before Solution Deployment

After Deployment Of GoldbellWeigh™ Integrated Weighing Solution

Time-consuming and error-prone manual data recording process which does not allow for effective inventory management

Increased productivity in data collation and audits for inventory management through automated process of capturing materials’ weight data

No centralized platform for ease of recording and integration of data into ERP systems across all outlets

Cost-savings from real-time data transmission across all F&B outlets, with integration into ERP systems for effective and efficient inventory management

Lack of standardized weighing system and deployment procedure across multiple outlets

Scalable system with standardized procedures for weighing and deployment of digital weighing solution across multiple outlets

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