Case Study

Customer's Challenges

  • Ingredient weighing processes are time-consuming and error-prone due to lack of automated and computerized systems. This leads to poor food quality consistency and control.
  • Poor food quality control in turn causes wasteful disposal of entire batches of products and delays in delivery of products to customers, affecting customer satisfaction levels.

The Solution

  • The GoldbellWeigh™ DLC (Data Logic Controller) solution is an industrial digital computer custom-designed for ingredient weighing application for quality control with check weighing function.
  • The GoldbellWeigh™ DLC solution has the capability of capturing weight data automatically and no longer require manual keying in of data, thereby saving time and reduces human-errors.
  • It enables our customers to implement rigorous computerized quality control procedures with traceable detail reports.

The Results

  • Fully integrated systems developed and deployed successfully, bringing positive business impact on multiple fronts.
  • More systems to be deployed for the F&B Industry and other sectors. Cross-industry application includes chemical industries.

Improved Food Quality

Reduced Manpower Costs

Increased Profitability and Productivity

Before Solution Deployment

After Deployment Of GoldbellWeigh™ Integrated Weighing Solution

Error-prone and time consuming weighing and quality control process

Elimination of errors, reduced time for weighing and recording of data

Inconsistent food quality due to error-prone manual processes

High consistency in product quality achieved for ingredient weighing system and quality control. The system also allows our customers to protect formulation recipes

Financial losses due to disposal of food products with inaccurate ingredient portions and quality

Prevent incidence of food wastages caused by errors – enabling significant cost-savings

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